Facilities and Services

Members of the IRRI Bio-Innovation Center can leverage the institute's extensive research infrastructure and expertise for their own research and development agendas.

Germplasm pool and pipeline

  • Germplasm resources from the International Rice Genebank

  • Emerging array of products from IRRl's conventional rice breeding activities

Research Infrastructure - Laboratories

  • Laboratory space, equipment, and resources for a variety of research areas

  • Includes biotechnology, -omics, grain quality, analytical services, and related disciplines

  • Laboratory support from IRRI technical staff

Research Infrastructure - Fields

  • Space rental for test fields, greenhouses, screenhouses, experimental farm

  • Phenotyping and skilled manpower services

Integrated Research Support Services

  • Plant Growth Facility for growth facilities, seed processing, and storage

  • Seed Health Unit for safe transfer of seeds and materials

  • Database warehousing for intellectual property requirements

Regulatory and Stewardship Support

  • Training and support for dossier preparation, regulatory filing, and stakeholder management

  • Support for regulatory compliance, biosafety-related activities, and environmental stewardship

Consulting Services

  • Intellectual Property Management consulting and support

  • Information and analysis on rice seed and rice markets

Training and Capacity Sharing

  • Courses, workshops, and seminars through IRRI Education

  • Via existing modules or customized programs

IRRI Expertise and Network

  • Ad-hoc discussions or formal mentoring with I RRI researchers and alumni

  • Engagement with IRRI and CGIAR global network

  • Research and technical support in relevant aspects of rice research

Access and availability of certain facilities and services to be determined by the membership agreement.

Research Assets

Open Field Resources

  • 200+ hectares of irrigated farm land

  • Transgenic Research Field (fenced and regulated)

  • Irrigation systems (transplanting and direct seeding)

  • 20+ big above ground water reservoirs

Controlled Growth Resources

  • 5 hectares of screen and glass houses

  • Plant Growth Facility

  • Phytotrons

Equipment & Machinery

  • Rice mill with automated packing system

  • Farm machinery shop

  • Thermal seed dryers

  • Drone sprayers,

  • Mechanical transplanters

  • Threshers with parameter recording

  • Advanced rat control systems

Processing Facilities

  • Seed preparation areas

  • Biotic and Abiotic screening facility

  • High Throughput phenotyping area

  • Breeding screening facility

  • Pollination chambers

  • Rapid Generation Advancement (RGA) facility

  • Post entry quarantine screening facility