The IRRI Bio-Innovation Center works with partners from all over the world on various research initiatives that contribute to agricultural sciences.


Bioseed Research Philippines is pleased to be a member of the Bio-Innovation Center at IRRI. This partnership will enable Bioseed to conduct biotechnology research for the development of climate-resilient food and feed crops that can help farmers in South and Southeast Asia to mitigate risks due to climate change.

Rice is the most important food crop in the region. The initial phase of research will focus on the development of rice hybrids which are tolerant to drought and salinity. This will be done by advancing research leads that Bioseed has in its ongoing research programs in India. Increasing the productivity of corn, a key feed crop, is also critical for enhancing food and nutritional security in the region. Using new technology options available through IRRI, Bioseed will pursue development of corn hybrids that have drought tolerance and insect resistance. The research will be carried out in through the laboratories, greenhouses, and field facilities at IRRI, with strict adherence to biosafety regulations of the Republic of Philippines.

As a member of the IRRI Bio-Innovation Center, Bioseed will also benefit from the rich scientific and regulatory expertise at IRRI. Our membership in the IRRI Bio-Innovation Center will further strengthen Bioseed’s existing partnership with IRRI through increased collaborations in other forums.


Bioseed Research Philippines (BRP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian conglomerate DCM Shriram Ltd., and has been serving Filipino farmers since 1992. Bioseed is actively engaged in research, production, and marketing of hybrid seeds. The genetically superior hybrids developed by Bioseed scientists offer innovative solutions that can increase farmers’ incomes on a sustainable basis. Because of the consistent quality and performance of its products as well as strong customer centricity across the organization, Bioseed has become one of the most trusted hybrid seed brands in Philippines. The hybrid seed products developed and marketed by Bioseed Research Philippines include Bt/RR Corn and Rice hybrids. Bioseed research programs in the Philippines, as well as in India, focus on developing climate-resilient hybrids that combine high yields with increased resilience to drought, high temperature, salinity, diseases and insect pests. Developing strategic partnerships to access and develop new technologies is an integral part of Bioseed’s research effort.