Group photo with ZARS VC farm research team, with Dr. Kulkarni at center and Associate Directorate of Research Dr. Vasudevan to his right.

Dr. Kulkarni meets with scientists at Zonal Agricultural Research Station (ZARS) V.C. Farm, Mandya

24 February 2021, Karnataka, India

IRRI IBC Director Dr. Gururaj Kulkarni's visited the Zonal Agricultural Research Station (ZARS), V.C. Farms, Mandya in Karnataka and met with Associate Directorate of Research Dr. SN Vasudevan and the entire team of scientists of the research station.

Dr. Kulkarni reports that after presenting the IRRI Bio-Innovation Center, he had a very encouraging discussion meeting with them, with highlights as follows:

  • We had circulated the areas of the research collaboration based on my presentation to VC and DR.

  • ADR of Mandya circulated the minutes to all the scientists in the research station and asked them to present the work done by the research station in the past and identify the key future areas of the partnership with IRRI.

  • Till afternoon all the presentations and discussions were held and were very encouraging.

  • ADR said the research station is celebrating 50 yrs of its establishment and it is very timely this research partnership with IRRI

  • Post lunch we gathered to shape the research proposal by identifying the future areas of the research partnership with IRRI based on the work done by the institute in the different areas of research and also based on the challenges faced by the rice farmers of the region.

  • As the next step, we agreed that once the research team identifies the areas of partnership, we will present to VC and DR including the Agril Minister technical team and finalise the proposal.

  • After finalising the proposal, we will develop the MOU between GKVK Bangalore and IRRI with financial support from the Agricultural ministry GOK.

Dr. Kulkarni also said that he was discussing the join research proposal with other rice research stations to develop the consolidated one research MOU with IRRI, but ADR suggested to keep it separate with different Agri universities as the rice challenges & priorities are different.

Dr. Kulkarni is planning to do similar discussions/meetings with other universities to develop the gap analysis and possible research partnership areas in the coming days. He will then approach Agril minister to take it forward as MOU between GOK and IRRI, who very supportive to the same.